Marcus Bell

World famous wedding photographer Marcus Bell takes full advantage of his Spider Holster Dual Camera System.

No one knows their way around a wedding shoot like the Australian Institute of Professional Photography awarded Triple Master of Photography Marcus Bell. As the owner of Studio Impressions, based in Brisbane, Australia, Bell was crowned Australian wedding photographer of the year twice and the BBC has listed him as one of the top10 wedding photographers in the world! One of Marcus’ primary objectives when shooting a wedding is to blend into the crowd of guests as best as possible, so when he sought out an efficient camera system that would also help him remain invisible during a shoot he found his solution in the Spider Holster Dual Camera system.

As I shoot with two bodies I immediately saw the benefits of the system. It was pretty discrete compared to some alternative dual camera strap systems I’ve seen. The last thing on a wedding is to be noticed as a wedding photographer and I find that using the Spider Holster can help make the camera less dominant.

Shooting weddings in a wide array of worldwide locations, Bell found that he needed to use different camera systems in different situations. He found he could take full advantage of the Spider Holster Dual Camera system, sometimes using the entire Spider Holster system and other times just the Spider Holster and pin.

I love the fact that I can change my setup from using the belt for both SLR’s to simply just using the clip and by adding just the lock pin without the plate to a compact camera, which then becomes a great way to carry a compact camera.

The Spider Holster has provided him with a fast and easy way to carry gear while moving through an active shoot. Dispersing the weight on his waist rather than his shoulder provides him with comfort while still allowing for quick-access to his cameras.

“One thing for sure is whenever I use the Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VRII on my second body, it’s such a nice way to hold the weight of the camera & lens on the hip rather than over the shoulder. I also have an additional pin that connects to the 70-200 lens’ tripod mount, which also allows me to carry the 70-200 by itself removed from the camera when needed. The extra pin has become a permanent feature on the 70-200 for sure.”

An early adopter of Spider Holster when it first launched at the WPPI trade show, Marcus Bell has become a proud ambassador for the camera system.

“It’s a great way to carry a camera…It’s a great investment for any photographer, especially so for photographers that find it hard to carry the weight of a quality f2.8 zoom and DSLR. If you’re having back or neck problems I would be investigating Spider Holster.”

In addition to his photographic accolades, Marcus has also become an internationally renowned educator offering keynotes and workshops around the world. His studio’s website can be found at The studio also offers great solutions for post production at their resources site