Spider Camera Holster Adventurer Bundle

SKU: 9003SC

$215 $253

Product Description

The Adventurer bundle: SpiderLight Backpacker Kit + SpiderPro Handstrap V2

Ditch your camera bag on your hike and use our SpiderLight Backpacker Kit to holster your camera directly to your backpack strap -perfect for brining your lightweight camera on any adventure or even getting POV footage with your GoPro. 

Combine it with the SpiderPro Handstrap v2 and you'll always be ready to use your camera in a flash. 



SpiderLight Backpacker Kit : Regular Price $160

SpiderPro Handstrap v2 : Regular Price $93

Total value : $160 + $93= $253

With the Adventurer bundle, you get both the SpiderLight Backpacker Kit and SpiderPro Handstrap v2 at only $215!! Save $38!

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