2011 Gear of The Year Award (SpiderPro)
– Digital Photo & Practical Photography Magazines

2011 Winner: Plaque of Excellence in Functionality (Black Widow)
– Resource Magazine

“It is one of the most practical photographic accessories I have encountered in a very long time that I would sum up in one word – brilliant!” 
– Simon Stafford, Technical Editor, Nikon Owner Magazine 
(full review)

“The SpiderPro Holster system is superbly designed, very well built and would be particularly well suited to sports or wedding photographers who require rapid camera access to a single D-SLR.” 
– Photo Answers Online 
(full review)

Photography Silo review 11/13/2011.
Excerpt: “If you are a photographer that doesn’t like straps or weight on the shoulders, then the Spider Holster is for you. This product would also be perfect for an active photographer that requires a lot of movement or fast action movement such as running to get a shot or climbing a rock to capture an image.”

MotoTrip.org video review 11/9/2011.
MotoTrip recommends Spider Holster for having your camera handy for quick trips on your motorcycle!

“Spider Camera Holster Mini Review” from John Shafer – 8/16/2011.
Excerpt: “What I like about the Spider Holster is it eliminates the pendulum action of the camera on a strap and comfortably carries the weight on your hip where it will do the least damage to your arms, shoulders, neck and back. If you carry two cameras with different lenses, the Spider Holster also eliminates camera strap tangle problems. The bottom line is the Spider Holster is safer for your body and camera gear and should keep your working longer with less fatigue.”

“The Spider Holster: My Impressions After 2 Months of Daily Use” from Photojournalist Karl Grobl – 3/01/2010.
Excerpt: “The Spider Holster is the most significant piece of camera gear that has come out in the last few years. Rarely do I get this excited about a new product, but I must say that the Spider Holster, has for me, forever changed the way I carry my camera.”

“The Spider Holster” from GoodEye Photography + Design – 12/09/2009.
Excerpt: “I’m not sure why it’s called the Spider Holster, I mean, there’s not 8 of anything, and there’s no dangly legs or fur of any kind. But what it does do, it does well, as I can safely say after using it daily for the last couple of weeks.”

“Spider Holster review and how to use it with the Really Right Stuff system” from Scott Wyden Imagery – 11/25/2009.
Excerpt: “When I received the system from Shai he asked me to try the system with my Really Right Stuff tripod head. Unfortunately the Really Right Stuff system is all customized which makes the plates sit incorrectly on on the Spider Plate. I decided to do a little research knowing that Really Right Stuff uses the Arca Swiss style mounts. I checked eBay and found the solution.”

“The Spider Holster Review (Mac)” from The Raw Files – 11/18/09.
Excerpt: “Ok, so I used my Spider Holster for the first time this weekend gone by for a two day wedding event I photographed in Banff. I have one word to say and it is WOW! I have said good bye to my camera straps and will now be using my Spider Holster as the dedicated way I carry my camera(s) around with me.”

“Spider Holster, A Belt-Mounted Camera-Hitch” from Wired Gadget Lab – 10/26/2009.
Excerpt: “With this setup, your camera hangs at your side, ready to use, and when you need it you just grab it. No straps to get in the way, and no dead, crushed shoulders at the end of the shoot. On set, it looks fantastic.”

“Spider Camera Holster review: stick ‘em up” from Engadget – 10/13/2009.
Excerpt: “…given the utter usefulness of the Spider Holster and the fact that it makes carrying your DSLR around on long shoots a breeze, well, you’ll likely find a few of us editors knee-deep in Spider nerdure at the next CES..”

“The Spider camera holster has to be the best piece of gear that has come around in a long time! Put it through its paces yesterday shooting the first snow storm of ’09. Nothing short of fantastic! Comfortable, secure, and always right there when I need it. Just love it!”
– Steve Harrison,

“The spider has become an essential part of my gear. It is my number one accessory beating out my tripod and I am loving it. It is far more comfortable and convenient than I perceived it would be and I can’t imagine my photo field trips without one from this point on. It not only keeps my camera ready for action but it is a great conversation piece.”
– Dave Edgecomb,

“129 Weddings, 74 Family Sessions, and 156 Engagement Shoots. All with no problems and NEVER missing the holster. Thank you for such a kick ass lifesaving product.” 
– Jerome Braga,