Spider Belt Extra Pad

SKU: 403SC


Product Description

Add a SpiderPro Pad to your SpiderPro Belt.

It’s all about the Pad.

Due to popular demand we have brought you the SpiderPro Pad which allows you to add an additional camera to your existing SinglePro Belt.

The SpiderPro Pad belt kit will fit comfortably and securely on the left side of the Belt of your current SpiderPro Single Camera system.

Already have a SpiderPro 1-Camera System?

If you already have a SpiderPro 1-Camera System (without an additional Plate and Pin) and would like to upgrade to a 2-Camera System all you need is our “SpiderPro 1-Camera to 2-Camera upgrade” kit, which is available at the right of this page.



Weight: 492 g

Dimensions: 8.5 × 9 × 2 in

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