Michael Greenberg

Spider Holster is Michael Greenberg’s trusted camera carrying system for his shoots and workshops across the globe.

After being named one of Canada’s Top Ten Wedding Photographers in 2009 as part of the Canadian Wedding Photography Industry Awards, Michael’s workload increased, as did his discomfort after strenuous shoots.

From the moment you put the Spider Holster on, it just feels like this is where your camera was meant to be,”explained Greenberg. “On your hip, the camera is not moving about and is secured in one place – unlike straps that have plenty of room for camera dangle and moving about. With the Spider Holster I have the peace of mind where I don’t have to keep checking on the camera. My camera is on my hip ready to shoot and totally secured in the holster.

Greenberg was intrigued by the unique “shoot from the hip” feature of a Spider holster. After trying it for himself, he saw an immediate decrease in the amount of discomfort he was used to experiencing. With Spider Holster, Michael was able to shoot more freely and no longer limited by tangled or too-short neck straps.”

I had always used a neck strap to carry my equipmentat both weddings and workshops,” said Greenberg. “I found it was hard on my back, and the cross straps that support the system were slowly cutting into my throat. I would often have marks on my neck, and after a day of shooting, my wife would think the bride and groom had tried to choke me because I did a poor job! It was time to look at alternatives.”

Greenberg currently uses Spider Holster for all of his wedding shoots and photography workshops world wide. With the added security of the two-position lock and the convenience of having his equipment at-the-ready, Spider Holster helps Michael enhance his workflow while shooting in difficult locations.

“I’m more willing to take my camera with me no matter where I go,” Says Greenberg. “It is just so convenient and so much faster. This alone makes it worth buying.”

The Spider Holster and I have traveled the world together! I started my Asian tour earlier this year and visited many cities and countries. I was speaking at conferences and workshops, exploring the cities and tropical forests and journeyed to the top of the highest mountains. From staying at 5 star hotels, which my Spider Holster particularly enjoyed, to 2 star budget motels, where we both feared for our lives, there wasn’t a place I didn’t take my Spider Holster.

For more about Michael Greenberg’s wedding photography, visit his studio website at www.PhotoTerra.com. For more about Michael and his travels and global photography workshops, visit his blog www.WeddingAnatomy.com.