Storing Your DSLR Camera Equipment

Storing your DSLR camera is an incredibly important part of owning one due to the fact that it is a sensitive piece of equipment and also its value. 

The slightest storage mistake could cause it to malfunction and the same goes for all of your other camera equipments. This is why you need to have the right items for storing, carrying, and transportation.


Why Store Your DSLR Camera Properly

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to store your DSLR camera properly, but the most important reasons involve protection, cleanliness, longevity, and ease of transport. 

Simply put, storing your DSLR camera the right way will help make your life as a photographer, both as a professional and as an amateur so much easier

Just for some more context, the right storage of your equipment allows you to:


1. Keep them safe - the main reason why proper storage of your DSLR camera is necessary is to keep your equipment safe.

When your camera, its attachments, accessories, and cables are all stowed away in their respective compartments, slots and bags, they are less likely to be damaged.

Of course, there’s nothing that can be done if they are manhandled. However, casual bumps and shakes should not prove to be much of an issue. 

Then again, this will depend much on the quality of the containers and bags that you are using, in the first place. 


2. Extend their use - naturally, the safer your camera equipment is, the longer you will be able to use them for. This means that you get the most out of what you paid for.

This goes a long way towards justifying the cost of buying the various containers and transport materials that you will be getting. You spend money to make sure you get the most of the money you already spent.


3. Make transporting them easier - imagine trying to go on a photography trip and you are bringing all of your equipment piece by piece.

It would be a right mess. Bringing them in neat bags, belts, and straps make everything so much easier for you. 

There is also less of a chance that porters or other passengers make the mistake of grabbing them by mistake or shoving them every which way. 


4. Prevent theft - Naturally, if you are keeping your camera equipment in zipped and locked containers, they will be a lot harder to steal.

This is a particular huge concern when you are going on an extended trip to remote areas where equipment like  DSLR cameras are particularly valuable. 


5. Better organization - Organizing your equipment is very important when going out for a trip, especially in remote regions.

Having proper containers makes it easier for you to know which equipment is where and what to get from which bag or container. 


6. Efficient photography - Finally, if you have the right storage equipment and you know exactly which is placed where, this can make taking photos much more efficient.

You won’t have to flounder around trying to find that extra battery pack or flash when you know exactly where everything. 

What’s more, if you have a handy belt and attachments for your various gear at the ready, you can save a lot of unnecessary time as you have everything at the ready on your hips. 

Concerns When Storing Your DSLR Camera

Of course, there are going to be concerns when it comes to finding proper storage items for your DSLR camera equipment. The first among them is the type of storage item you are going to get.

There are camera bags, of course, which are the most straightforward. On that note, there also various other options like luggage, belt straps, harnesses, and many others. 

You can find a nice selection of those that we have to offer. 

The trick is knowing which ones will serve your needs the most and which will be necessary for what you have in mind.

In most cases, a camera bag is enough if you don’t take things like emergency supplies and clothes, into consideration.

Attachments, accessories, and aesthetic additions are also worthy concerns to spend some time thinking about. 

You will also want to think about the environment that you will be shooting in. Rain, snow, mud, and smog are environmental factors that could easily mess up your camera equipment.

If they need to be protected, sealed up, and mead waterproof, you need to choose the kinds of equipment that would then meet your needs. 

The mode of transport, length of travel, and even your own companions are going to be a factor, as well. 


Storage Equipment for Your DSLR

There are actually several options for your DSLR camera storage, each of which you will need to take into consideration. Which ones you bring will dictate the ease of use of the equipment.

For a list of the available storage equipment you can get, take a look at the following:

  1. Camera Shoulder Bag - The most common type of camera carrier, This can come in the form of a messenger bag or a sling storage box. 

  2. Camera Backpack - Meant for more active treks to take photos of natural landscapes that are difficult to reach, these are big, bulky, and solid with two sturdy straps. 

  3. Camera Case - A camera case is basically a big, bulky container that can come in any size and can be made of plastic, leather, or even metal.

  4. Camera Roller - Much like any traditional roller luggage bag but the inside is fitting with compartments specifically meant for DSLR cameras. 

There are other equipment and accessories that you can use, of course. They can range from holsters to hold your camera to lens pouches to carry your camera lenses