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The Ready for Anything Bundle : SpiderPro Handstrap v2 + Large Lens Pouch + Memory Card Organizer + Water Bottle Holder

Going on an all-day shoot? Hiking to the top of a mountain to get that perfect panorama? Need your camera accessories at the ready at all times? Sometimes you need to carry it all. 

Adding the SpiderPro Handstrap v2 to your camera will ensure you have the extra support you need for an all-day shoot. The Large Lens Pouch puts an extra lens within easy reach, while our Memory Card Organizer ensures you won't ever find yourself out of card space before the perfect shot presents itself. Finally, add on our Water Bottle Holder so you don't forget to stay hydrated on those long shoots. 

What's in the bundle: 

 +    +    +  


SpiderPro Handstrap v2: Regular Price $93

Large Lens Pouch : Regular Price $75

Memory Card Organizer : Regular Price $45

Water Bottle Holder : Regular Price $25

Total bundle value:  $94 + $75 + $35 + $25 = $229


With the Ready for Anything bundle, you get all these amazing accessories at only $190. Get savings of $39 and be at the ready for everything!

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