Spider Camera Holster SPIDERPRO₂ PLATE

SKU: 301SC


Product Description

Grab an extra Pro₂ Plate for your second camera and you’ll have it ready to pop in your Holster anytime.

The Pro₂ Plate has been redesigned for improved balance and ergonomics while carrying professional cameras on either your right or left side.

Spider Pin – designed for optimum security and made out of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and strength, the pin can be moved to carry from the right or left side. The design does not allow the pin to ever come loose, so your gear is always safe at your side.

Rubber grips – Provides slip resistance and improves the connection to your camera body.

Tether/Strap Connection (optional) – Compatible with the Spider Web Tether and most third-party sling style straps. This allows the use of any quick-connect/carabiner style strap without interfering with the Plate’s tripod connections.


Weight: 113.4 g

Dimensions: 1 × 5 × 3.5 in

Construction: Durable Stainless Steel & Aluminum


How to properly install the SpiderPro Plate v2 on your camera.

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